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your children touched me...and i touched them

today was a fun day minus the fact that i was having nightmares and i couldnt fuckin sleep. I woke up at 7 and i was sweating cuz it was sooooo damn hot!!!! then i went back to sleep and woke up at 9 for no reason and then i woke up at 11 and decided in not gona sleep nemore. so i woke upand attempted to burn CDs but the fucker wouldnt work. so i just chilled. took a shower and waited for Veronica to come over and show me her lip ring. im sooooo jealous of her. i love it, unlike her damn monroe haha. I want my lip pierced soooo bad!!! i will prob get it wen i move to Orlando. So and veronica went to Krop to pick up her sister and then we went to eat. it was soooooooo yummy!!! We had JEW After that we went to her house and chilled and burned CD's and found out we had to throw them all away. OK so ye...we chilled both of us on the AOL cuz we r ADDICTED and then we decided to go to the movies. We saw 'School of Rock'. it was pretty stupid, but SOOOOOOO funny. I liked it. Im in love with the 10 yr old drummer. He is toooooo cute.

ooh by the and Veronica rock SOOOOO hardcord to AFI is unbelievable!!!!

Tomorrow going to visit Jenna and then going to Ed's to burn CD's while they practice. Their CD Release show is on Saturday at Kaffe Krystal and EVERYONE MUST be there!!!

On Wed. i am going to SOOOO excited. I get to see Dana, Michael, Mallie, Patrick, Andrew and Steve!!! We r gona have SOOOO much fun. Im sooooooooo happy. I cant wait to see them all. Sux that Adam and Allie cant go, maybe next time.

Ook..well i think im done with this entry. goodnite every1. Have a good friday.

31/3 baby luvvv
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